A sci-fi series you want to see but a future you’re desperate to avoid..

Let’s explore the depths of humanity in an intellectual, high-concept drama, where reality rips through you like an emotional roller coaster.

With the grit and psychological explorations of TRUE DETECTIVE Season 1 and MINDHUNTER as well as the grand visionary scope of INTERSTELLAR, this world is rich, deep and highly inspired by the path of human history. The characters are imbued with the lofty hopes and desperate dreams of a better life. Their struggle is our struggle, but with the added drama of much higher stakes. I invite you into this climate- ravaged world, but with a note of caution – in SKY CITY HAYA, the dangers of climate change are just the beginning...


In a climate-ravaged future filled with cities in the sky, a bounty hunter is hired by his former lover to find her missing husband - an embattled public figure who desperately fights to bring refugees into the sky before it’s too late.


The year is 2248 and the WORLD is in a precarious state. Climate change has rendered the survival of the human race uncertain. In less than a decade, the surface of the earth will become completely uninhabitable. As conditions on the ground become more unstable, the world splits in two – the social elites within XKON, the largest corporate consortium in the world and their embattled refugee workforce. XKON is having trouble managing its ground-based XZONE camps due to an overwhelming influx of DENATIONALIZED REFUGEES. In order to solve its problems and save the human race from extinction, it begins construction of the first city in the sky named HAYA - a last ditch effort and a new hope for humanity.

Years later Haya is a resounding success - a statement of both mankind’s ingenuity and its perseverance in the face of insurmountable challenges. The city is made up of 40 some odd sports stadium-sized platforms that serve as various neighborhoods. While the elite NESTOR-class citizens live on comfortable, state-of-the-art platforms, the ex-refugee DED RED laborers reside on the run-down industrial platform neighborhood named i362. The city has been steadily growing over the past 20 years, however, at its current rate of expansion, it can’t hope to house the entire world’s population in time.

The STORY starts off with a good old-fashioned mystery – something we’re all familiar with. The CONFLICT is rooted in the fate of the remaining refugees on the ground, which rests in the hands of one ADRIEN ROUSSEAU. An ex-refugee himself, he has risen through the political ranks and now stands as a bridge between the two divisions of humanity. At a critical moment during his campaign to rally support for more refugee workers and the construction of additional cities, he mysteriously disappears. He leaves both his wife, NAMITA, and two daughters in a state of shock as well as the fate of the refugees below in question.

As the world spirals into a state of social unrest, it falls to AZZAN YONATAN-IYAD, a missing-persons detective and former lover to NAMITA with demons of his own, to find the people responsible for Rousseau's disappearance. He travels the dystopian world of 2248 to ultimately track down Rousseau before the world descends completely into chaos threatening millions of lives both on the ground and in the sky.