Sky City Haya was created by Adad Warda during his days studying at San Francisco State University in 2002. In 2004 he created a short film revolving around a floating city entitled, "Press 4 For Human." After graduating he continued to develop the idea.

During the course of one day in 2006 Adad and his friend Colin Hogan further developed the idea by adding the element of a detective story that would explore the world and take us on this journey. 

In 2008 Adad moved to Prague, Czech Republic and began writing the back stories of the main characters and in 2009 embarked upon writing the first chapter or episode of the project entitled "The Plant Dealer," about a refugee who illegally smuggles in plants and seeds, a high priced import that only the rich can afford, and sells them for black market prices. 

in 2011 Adad Warda and his colleague Michael Franchetti launched a Kickstarter Crowdfunding campaign to initially design the project as a multimedia ebook mixing reading and watching videos. The project was ultimately unsuccessful. 

In the next few years Adad outlined the rest of the series as well as the final climax of the story. 

Thom Wineland, the creative director of Pixnstones Production House in San Francisco as well as Adad's film/video mentor and longtime friend signed on to be the producer of the project. In the summer and winter of 2014 Thom Wineland traveled to Prague, Czech Republic for the production. Adad funded the epic production with his own money by putting together a team of creative professionals, talented friends and colleagues in order to produce and direct a concept short promo film in order to pitch the project to producers and production companies and develop Sky City Haya as a television or online series. 

A short teaser has been edited along with a few visual effects and a kickstarter crowdfunding campaign is being launched on July 11, 2015 in order to secure the necessary funding needed to complete the visual effects for the concept short. 

Sky City Haya is also actively growing its fanbase and community outreach! We want to invite more people to come and be Hayans with us so we can knock this project out of the park.